Why Are Yoshida Brothers So Cool?

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Something to which Japan has accustomed us is its beautiful culture, this time we will talk about two brothers who are mixing original melodies from old Japan with current music. The tool with which they do their magic is called Shamisen, this instrument is one of the most classics in Japan, this is a string instrument consisting of a wooden body and 3 strings.

Both brothers practiced with it  from the age of 5 years, and won national prizes of Tsugaru Shamisen (Japanese genre of music played with Shamisen) at a young age. In 1999 they debuted in Japan and in 2003 they did the same in the USA with the album baptized with the name of his duo: Yoshida Brothers; Taking his music to the US made his international career take off.

About the Yoshida Brothers Duo

Yoshida Brothers is a duo formed by Ryoichiro and Kenichi Yoshida, brothers who wave the flag of Japan all over the world. In their concerts they wear traditional costumes Kimonos and Hakamas, their foundations are traditional Japanese music, although they like to create modern music, leading them to generate fusions between traditional Japanese music with Rock n ‘Roll, Pop, Latin Music, Blues, Jazz and others. Although these brothers love to create musical experiments with different genres, Yoshida Brothers have their well-defined origins and focus on the production of Tsugaru Shamisen.

Their amazing musical development

If you like the good vibes that guitarists give you with input riffs or guitar solos, the sensation offered by this amazing duo while playing will fascinate you; they will take you to a moment of maximum relaxation and euphoria, as if each strum was a roller coaster of emotions with an amazing background.

Songs like Evening, Calm, Arigato and Nikata can help you to concentrate, calm down and be at peace with yourself, while songs generated by fusions with other genres such as Change (created in conjunction with the band Monkey Majik), Yume, Storm, Kodo and Rising will transmit you a burst of energy, without forgetting a mention for Fuyu no Sakura, which is a subject that takes us directly to ancient Japan.

The Yoshida Brothers purpose for their listeners

Music can connect people, this is a great truth; It transmits sensations and emotions, generating that we can know new cultures overcoming the language barrier. What the Yoshida Brothers do is great, they bring Japan to all of us, and expressing themselves through their Shamisen they became ambassadors of the Japanese country.

Yoshida Brothers when creating mergers with many genres opened the doors so that many people with different tastes can connect with them and take their music to another level. They want to do it big and they are achieving it, if they want to listen to something different and learn more about Japanese culture do not wait any longer and enjoy these great artists. “A union between the old and the current, an amazing mix of Japan”, that is what Yoshida Brothers are.

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