Where to Look to Find Concerts in Japan

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Asians in general go all out. The famous saying, “go big or go home” applies perfectly in this case. Especially to the Japanese, you can see this is the way that they dress as well as how they decorate their homes and even in how they go to concerts. Japan is a country we all want to visit sooner or later and of course, there is a ton of things we want to add to our list of things to do for when we go. How about attending a concert? Yea, I know. Might not have been the first thing on your mind. Yet, going to a concert in Japan is definitely a once in a lifetime experience that we all should go for, for I’ve heard they go all out. But the question is, where exactly in Japan would we look to attend?

Well first of all, if you are not a local, it can be a little intimidating to search. Japan is one of those places where something is going on anywhere and at all times. Yet, you can limit down your options by looking into some ticket retailer websites, such as eplus.jp or Ticket Pia. You will find most events listed on these websites, whether big or small. Yes, they are in Japanese but that is not something Google translate cannot fix.

Also, you could never go wrong with visiting the celebrity’s official website. Might seem like a long shot to actually see one of your favourite artists on your trip but, who knows. Check out their pages and find out. People also have successfully used certain apps to find some local concerts and gigs called Bandsintown.com and Songkick.com. What these do is that, they search for local gigs and events in a certain date range and in an entire region. Unfortunately, they do not seem to list every single event, but it does list enough for you to choose from.

Tokyo Jazz Directory

Another way to find concerts, is by looking up their big venues or small ones, visiting their websites and seeing what they will be hosting during the time you will be visiting. Here are a few names that you could have a look at:

Tokyo Jazz Directory – Extensive list of Jazz venues in Tokyo

Blue Note Tokyo – Blue Note Tokyo, high-end Jazz venue

Cotton Club Tokyo – Cotton Club Tokyo, high-end Jazz venue

Izumi Hall Osaka – Classical music venue

Kawasaki Symphony Hall – Classical music venue

Tokyo Opera City – Classical music & opera

Something to bear in mind when actually attending a concert, is that it will not be your typical concert experience. In Japan, they have their own way of doing things. For example, once you have already entered, you are clearly expecting for someone to show you into a locker room where you can store your bags but, people are not use to that in Japan. Instead, many say that they merely throw their bags in a corner. Sounds a bit odd but, Japanese do not have that crime problem, so they do not stress over whether or not someone is going to steal their bag, as they know it is very unlikely.

Also, apparently, along with your entrance ticket, in most places, you need to pay for a drink. So, be sure to carry with you extra cash. They seem to offer the typical bar menus at concerts, alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages.

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