How Japanese Music Has Made It’s Mark in Today’s Culture

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Japan is well-known for having one of the most beautiful and interesting cultures in the world. It managed to influence all the neighboring countries and nowadays we see that the Japanese music is greatly influencing the global culture. Japan can be considered a global culture superpower due to the fact that this country is making new trends every day.

And the more important part, that these trends also become a global super trend. But how is this happening?

There are some key moments and some important reasons why Japanese music is influencing today’s culture let’s look at them.

First Influence

The first major influence came in the 50’s when the Japanese music superstars were considered fashion icons. Many of the make-up trends that we see now in Western countries come from Japan and the means of transportation for that was the music. Take for example the red lips and the winged eye. These were the staple make-up trends for the Japanese singers. The Kimono also became very popular after the amazing opera show “Madame Butterfly”. This show is probably one of the most iconic in history and it managed to deeply influence the fashion and make-up world.

70’s and 80’s Influence

During the 70’s and 80’s the culture transfer worked the other way around and the main trend setters were the Western countries. But during the 90’s and 2000’s Japan came back in force thanks to the aggressive technological advancement of the country. We see that many of the nowadays trends were born from the Anime style. Even this trend suffered many transformations over the time, but the sings related to them became amazingly popular thanks to the nice rhythm. This made people to want to know more about the Japanese music and culture and this is how the Japanese craze was born.

Recent Influence

During the early 2000’s the main fashion and make-up trends came from Japan and the main place where people would get inspiration are the music videos. If Japan knows how to do something very nice and catchy, those are the music videos. People got obsessed with looks and clothes, the poses and elegance of the artists and they wanted more. The internet era provided the perfect ground for the cultural expansion of Japan. The main link between Japan and the Western world continued to be Anime. Soon, there were countless radios opening all over the world and broadcasting Japanese music in countries like Sweden and the United States. People also adopted the fashion style and Japan is now one of the biggest voices when it comes to clothes and shoes.

And this is all because the Japanese music fascinates us and makes us curious to find out more about the culture. And when we start researching we find about things that we like even more. The rapid cultural expansion is mainly due to the internet and the strong technology Japan has. We will be influenced by this amazing country in the years to come.

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