Guckkasten: A Godlike Rock Band in Asia

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Guckkasten is known both as a powerful Psychedelic Rock and Indie Rock band, with a talented lineup and and amazing visual background, with the intention as in most of visual rock bands, is to express a psychedelic connection between music and the visual art in videos, live shows or albums.

Guckkasten: A Godlike Rock Band in Asia

They are from South Korea and started under the name of “The C.O.M.”, but they disbanded in 2002 due to the military service in their country, but when they finally were able to make it with a new bassist, Kim Ki-bum, they started again as Guckkasten in 2007. Then, Jeon Kyu-ho, Lee Jung-gil and the gifted voice of the band, Ha Hyun-woo, who also is the designer of Guckkasten album’s art.

Guckkasten’s Performance

In June 2016, the band released a music video named Pulse, licensed by Interpark Music. With Hyun-woo as main creator of this project, most of the visuals and musical arrangement in composition and lyrics were done by him. Hyun-woo is an introverted guy who had a not so pleasant life as a teenager, causing him to be depressed and always have a sensation of defeat and hopelessness. He lost his girlfriend, who became his friend’s girlfriend. His father was opposed to let him study music or any kind of art, Hyun-woo’s mother agreed to him studying painting, as he usually liked to draw cartoons, but his father was against it. In Pulse, he expresses a lot of this set of situations in a poetic sense, which drove him to be in that negative spectrum, but also expressing he was able to breathe again.

Ha Hyun-woo’s strong voice

The instruments in each of their songs are neat and clean. Guckkasten’s live performances are as amazing as on studio versions, so does Ha Hyun-woo when singing, as it sounds the same or even better. He can reach deep tones with a very soft natural voice and high pitch tones as well. When he was young, he used to be introverted and puberty did not affect his voice tones, letting him use both ends of his vocal range, which fits perfectly with the environment created by his own songs. A fun fact about him, when recording the studio version for Pulse, he used sounds of his throat to emulate the sound of a heart beating, then it was added to the song’s intro with the acoustic guitar.

The Reward of a Struggle

Guckkasten received some awards for their perfect shows, enjoying the victory of pulling a wish to come true, against situations they were not able to handle and continuing on how to make it happen. In 2003, when they were The C.O.M. and as Guckkasten in 2007, 2008 and 2010, they won the Hidden Whiz Award in the Samzi Sound Festival. In the years 2007, 2008 and 2010 the Hello Rookie of June in the EBS Space Sympathy Grand Award.


Also, in 2016, Hyun-woo was nominated for his job best Rock Category and he won the award in the Melon Music Awards. Their last release was in CD format during 2017 with Interpark INT, with a mini-album named Stranger. Guckkasten is the example of a band that will achieve a goal, even when the panorama gets darker and harmful. They fought for a dream and they reached it, they are still living it and on every live show they seem to be not only satisfied, but thirsty for more and they deserve it.

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