Famous Japanese singers

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Japan has one of the biggest music markets in the world, with music and singers being very popular. Here we will discuss a few of the most popular and successful singers of Japan. Some of these singers have not only sold millions of songs or albums but their music has spread to and become popular in Western countries.

Famous Japanese singers

Utada Hikaru, also known as Utada was born in 1983. Her album First Love sold over 8 million copies in Japan alone making her one of the most successful artists in Japan. She is a Japanese-American who has written and sung songs in both English and Japanese. Her music can be classified as J-pop. She has been named as the most influential artist in Japan.

Namie Amura has been on the music scene since the 1990s. She incorporates different styles into her music both from Japan and the Western world. She has sold over 35 million records just in Japan where she is extremely popular.

Ayumi Hamasaki is a J-pop artist who has produced numerous records. Some of which have sold over 1 million copies. Her music is so popular that much of her songs have been remixed.

Kiriko Takemura, known by her stage name as Kyary Pamyu Pamyu is a 24 year old singer. She has mainly been successful in Asian countries but has started to have more of an impact in the Western world. She was inspired by western singers such as Katy Perry and Gwen Stefani. Her one album named PonPonPon did very well and was top of the charts in Finland and Belgium.

Kumiko Kōda who has the stage name of Koda Kumi is a singer from Kyoto. She is renowned for her R&B and urban songs. It was the seventh album song she recorded that made her famous. The songs Real Emotion/1000 no Kotoba were used for the theme songs for the Final Fantasy X-2 video game. Her song: First Class Limited Live was at the top of the Orion DVD charts for an astounding seven weeks.

Jun Matsumoto, who was born in 1983, is a singer and actor. He is also a member of the boy band known as Arashi, and is an accomplished actor. He is a big teen idol in Japan.

A singer who debuted in 2008 is Kana Nishino who signed with SME records.  She has been very successful in Japan, especially between 2010 and 2013 when she won numerous awards.

Yui is a Japanese singer of many talents. Not only is she a songwriter and singer but she is able to play several different musical instruments. She has recorded several albums and has also formed a band. She also participated in a charity concert to benefit victims of the 2011 earthquake and subsequent tsunami.

Nana Mizuki was initially a voice actress but her success as a singer has been increasing. She has become more popular over the last few years. Japan clearly produces many talented young singers; the music of these artists often spreads to neighboring countries and even the Western world.

Nana Mizuki

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