Best Radio Stations in Japan

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Japanese culture has fascinated the world for a long time. Many people started visiting this county in order to dive into its vast culture. For the ones that are not able to do this there are convenient alternatives. One of them is listening to local radio stations. This is an easy tool to better understand the culture and ideology. Choosing the right one can be quite challenging, especially for foreigners. And there are plenty to choose from and so many good ones at that.

It can be quite surprising that some very popular Japanese radio stations are not in Japan. This is another proof that Japanese culture is spreading. Listening to these stations is also a very valuable learning technique for those who want to become familiar to this language. Most of the people learning Japanese at the moment are tired of listening the same robotic, artificial courses that are online and search for a better, live alternative. These radio stations come with the solution. Most of them are also found online, so your location on the globe is no longer a problem.

The best radio stations for those in search of a rather official source are NHK, TBS and Nikkei. What is great about them is that there is a fixed program of their shows. News, comedy and music are very important tools in learning the language and the culture. NHK also offers the possibility of listening at three different speeds in order to better understand their shows. All these three stations are based in Japan and present daily news, social issues and fun programs. They are an easy way to understand the daily life in Japan and the culture. They have a wide range of discussions and try to cover the demands of all listeners. They can be found online, and TBS also allows listeners to access old shows thank to their extended database.

For those who want to have a taste of J-Pop there is JPopsuki Radio. Its program is based mainly on the music that is hot at the time in Japan and can be a very useful tool for J-Pop fans. Another music radio station is RNB Radio. This one has a wider approach and broadcasts general Japanese music. An alternative to RNB Radio when it comes to general music is Japan-a-Radio.

Moving on to Japanese radio stations that are located outside the sunrise country we find All Anime Networks, SBS Japanese and Blue Heron Radio. All Anime Radio is located in Seattle, Washington and is the perfect choice for anime fans worldwide. Blue Heron Radio is located in Washington DC and it mainly broadcasts Japanese music. It can also be found online. For those who want a general, informative approach, SBS Japanese is the right choice. It is located in Sydney, Australia and broadcasts general news. The variety of Japanese radio stations comes as a response to the increasing demand from people worldwide and offers a wide range from music to anime and general news.

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