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Every Japanese fans and music lovers considers venues for music as special places and also as a great step in the career of any artist. In this article, I will describe most of these venues, putting into consideration various conditions under every aspects. The description will contain information you will need to reach these venues in case you are interested in visiting. If you are a tourist, it is sure that you will find some attractive places worthy of visiting in and around the venues. So, let’s get started!


There seems to be no way to talk about Japanese music without mentioning the Budokan, an indoor octagonal shaped arena right at the center of Tokyo. It is located at the Kitanomaru Park, very close to the Yasukuni Shrine and the National Museum of Modern Art. The 15000 capacity building was initially built purposely for Martial Arts and Judo competitions in 1964, but it later became the home to various artists both foreign and Japanese. Although it is not the biggest music venue in Japan, but it is one of the most famous not only in Japan but all over the world. The nearest way to reach this arena is through the Kudanshita Metro Station.


This arena is one of the biggest indoor arenas in Japan and it is located in Saitama,Saitama Prefecture in the Greater Tokyo Area. Built in year 2000, the arena is capable of holding about 37000 spectators. Some musical dons such as Ayumi Hamasaki, Momoiro Clover Z, Nightmare, Mr Children and many more had played their concert in this arena. The huge architecture of the arena was created by Nikken Sekkei, and it is indeed an incredible place to be.


Just like the Budokan, this covered arena built in 1964 was mainly for sport competitions before it became the home and major venues for musical concerts. The arena is located in Tokyo, very close to the Yoyogi National Park and it is one of the biggest and beautiful places to hangout in Tokyo. Very close to this arena is the Harajuku, on the right hand side of the famous Takeshita street, a place where everything about jat culture and fashion can be found. The arena is capable of holding about 13290 people.


Now this is one of the biggest, one and only second biggest musical venue in Japan. An artist cannot be called a successful one if he/she has not performed in the Tokyo Dome. It is located in the Dome city complex Tokyo. It is an indoor music venue that cab contain about 77000 people. The arena is made up of 41 gates, a large surrounding, amusement parks, a very big spa center, restaurants and so many more attractive features:


This can be said to be the biggest convention center that serves as home to lots of Japanese artists. The Makahari Missed was built in 1989 and its capacity varies, depending on how the seats are set up. Sakanaction and his Baby metal bands had performed in this centre for lots of times, and this venue remains famous because it holds the annual Tokyo Game show and Tokyo Motor show. Other venues are Nissan Stadium, Shinokitazawa, Shibuya, etc.

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