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Japanese music is constantly growing in popularity, there are various genres to the music such as J-Rock, Visual – Kei or J-Pop, and if you are a fan of these then you will no doubt be a fan of some of the greatest male singers that have come from Japan. There are many great artists but here are a few of our favorites!


You cannot be a fan of J-rock if you have not heard of the name Gackt. He is indeed a great Japanese singer who originated from being the front man of the popular visual kei band Malice Mizer before proceeding to being a solo singer. In 1999, Gackt released his EP Miserable, a song that brought him to stardom till date!


If you are a fan and lover of music that is a little bit off the beat part, then the best singer for you without any double is Miyavi, AKA MYV. He has this vocal styling which can only be described as raw, pure and energetic. Miyavi is an amazing guitar player, and one of his videos titled “selfish love” is a song you will listen to again and again and never get tired!.


Before moving to produce his own solo songs, Hyde was the lead singer for L’Arc-en-ciel and Vamps which were J-rock bands. Hyde started his own solo recordings under his own record label “vamprose” and he combined his beautiful voice with his looks and rocking tunes. He is one Japanese singer that enjoys bouncy, high energy J-rock. One of his songs titled b” glamorous sky” is a hit song and a must listen to.


Not only is this great singer one of the best voices in Japan, he is also one of the patriarchs of J-rock movement. He is the frontman for the Kiroyume and SADs (two famous J-rock bands). His unique and very captivating voice makes his female fans love him much!.


His name was Hide to Matsumoto, and he was a gifted Japanese singer in his lifetime. One of his best songs was “pink spider”, a song believed to hold a link to his early death.


He made his debut in the Rock band Buck-Tick as the lead singer of the band in the visual kei movement. Samurai is famously known as a singer with deep and very sensual voice. If you are a lover of dark and theoretical music, then listen to Atsushi Sakurai.


This artist that made an impact in contributing to the anime ” D.N Angel” is not just a great pianist, but also an artist with a very beautiful voice.


Although he is popularly known by his stage name Klaha, but his birth name is Masaki Haruna, a former lead singer of Malice Mizer band. He is known particularly for his dark and moody musical style: Other males Japanese singers are : Diago Stardust, Masamune Kusano, etc.

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