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Are you a fan of J-rock, Visual – kei or J – pop? Then you must not miss this list of the best female Japanese singers! Whether you are a fan of Buck-tick band, malice mizer band or you are one of the million people bring thrilled by the great Japanese artist Boa, do you appreciate good music and love salient voices? Then you should definitely see this list of the best female Japanese singers of our time.


This Korea born singer became very famous in Asia. BoA Kwon is a talented singer that can sing in several languages like Korean, English and of course Japanese. She began her musical career in South Korea when she followed her brother to an audition with SM Entertainment. She was the first Korean artist that made more than a million sales in Japanese album. Although she made all her success in Asia, she also tried expanding her career in the West and produced a debut English album she titled BoA. She is not just a singer, she is also. Performer and a professional dancer.


This is one singer that can actually sing with her butts off! An artist that can sing up to three of four hours non stop and never get fatigued.! Nana Mizuki does not only sing in pitch’s, but also in multiple genre. She was nicknamed “Seiyuu” (voice actress) and she is a great model to look up to for aspiring musical artists.


One special quality about this singer is her voice. She has this beautiful, deep and strong voice, that is very pleasant to the ear. She is a singer that sings straight from her heart, and this can be easily known from her voice. In her appearance, Mika Nakashima is cool, stylish And very gorgeous. She is one singer that has high sense of fashion and can speak both Japanese and English languages. She got into musical industry after entering a random audition accidentally. Her debut album and single titled “true and “start” sold over 1million copies and 500,000 copies respectively.


She was discovered as a young girl who was trying to make her way through singing competitions by a Rock producer in the mid 1990s. Nanase Aikawa has grown into a tough biker lady, having lots of attitudes and owes no one an apology for who she is. In her debut album, “Red”, she had over 2million copies sold and her sophomore album ” paradox” was among the albums of the year nominations for consecutive times.


Shiho Ochi, known as superfly is the vocalist and dole member of the rock group Superfly. Her ability to combine her power with high degree of control over her voice had won her the respects of the pros in the musical industry:

Other female Japanese singers are Utada Hikari, Lia, Tsukiko Amano, Chihiro Onitsuka, Miwa Yosida, Rimi Natsukawa,and so on… All of these artists are equally talented and unique! Start listening to these Japanese female artists now!

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