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Asia is known as one of the most competitive work markets in the whole world. Lately, Asian music trends have shocked the whole world and became an inspiration for many international artists. There are many music producers that managed to create masterpieces that made history and broke all the records. Even though the Asian producers may not be always in the spotlight, they are definitely some of the most talented and creative in the whole world. We have listed some of the best music producers in Asia in order to better understand the music phenomenon in Asia.

Kim Ann Foxman

Kim is an amazing half-Filipino vocalist that managed to make a name for herself on the international music scene. She is part of a very popular band and contributed to many international tracks that made sensation. She is very talented and has a very edgy and modern twist. Her electronic tracks are very popular and she has a unique style. We will definitely hear a lot from her in the years to come.

Maya Jane Coles

She is a British-Japanese DJ that managed to shock the whole electronic music world. She has a unique style and her tracks broke many records. She operates under the stage name Nocturnal Sunshine. One of her latest tracks became an international sensation in the electronic music world. She is very talented and her unique style makes every party amazing.


Perhaps one of the most discrete artists in the world. He was nominated for a Grammy Award and this is how he got out from anonymity. He was extremely discrete and even though he had a huge success in the music world he always liked to focus more on his music than on the spotlight. He is very talented and managed to produce some of the most popular dance music tracks in Asia.


He is one of the most interesting artists in Asia. He has a Vietnamese descent and managed to mix R&B beats with the electronic music in an unique way. He toured almost without a pause for the last three years. He is becoming and international sensation in the electronic music world. His unique beats are guaranteed to make any party a blast.

Ken Ishii

Considered one of the main promoters of the techno movement in Japan. He has a unique style and he produced this type of music long before it truly became popular in his country. He is very respected in the techno worldwide and we will definitely hear some amazing tracks from him in the future.


He may be one of the most unique music producers in Asia. He has a very sexy and mysterious way of singing and managed to make a name for himself before many of the Asian artists. He has a very versatile style that brought him enormous popularity. His tracks were remixed by many famous Djs and he also managed to tour internationally before many other artists.

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