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When we think about the Japanese pop culture a multitude of images and information emerges in our minds. From music, cuisine, movies and fashion trends, they all embrace the multitude of trends emerging in Japan at the speed of light. Thanks to its growth we can now consider Japan as a pop culture superpower. From which we can clearly see its influence in our day to day culture. The craze more than 30 years ago with the popular TV shows and it was followed by the rise of anime. We have all seen at least once in our lives an anime or a derived product. The Japanese pop culture is so amazing thanks to the fact that it engulfed all the indie ideas that existed in the sunrise country and the international trends.

Our childhood craze was born in Japan. Pokemon, Transformer, Tamagtochi and Power Ranger shaped our youth. They have blasted more than any other pop trend ever before. They are fun, accessible and everybody likes it. These are some of the characteristics of Japanese pop culture. But what these trends offer the most is the story behind them. Let’s just think about Mario brothers. Nintendo made games accessible to kids around the world and offered them a reason to be crazy about it.

But kids aren’t the only one on the entertainment radar. Since 1950’s there were crime comic books designed especially for adults. The latest Japanese pop culture blast was also for adults. Attack on Titan turned out to be one of the most popular adult shows in history. The Japanese pop culture is based on having fun and being entertained. Take karaoke for example. It has been popular since the 1960’s and its aim is to give people a both fun and relaxing activity, without having an age restriction. Pop culture became one of Japan’s greatest exports thanks to its quality and accessibility. We all went to a karaoke night, watched Pokemon and listened to J-Pop.

Japanese pop culture offers and escape from the reality. Just look at their Otaku events and at the popularity of Cosplay. They offer an escape from the daily life in a mystical world, linked indirectly to the vast mythology and history of Japan. All trends are accepted and the ones that pass the test of time become viral. We have all eaten Sushi at least once in our lifetime or we are most likely to. Trendsetters can emerge from any field and their ideas are adopted at the speed of light. This is what makes Japanese pop culture so popular all around the globe. From fashion to cuisine, music and TV shows, we all tilt our heads east and expect for the next culture blast that is just around the corner. Japanese pop culture will continue to excite and amaze thanks to its combination between traditional eastern Asian legacy and the modern world. These trends will always give a twist to all the emerging cultural movements around the world.

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