A History of Music in Japan

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Music in Japan has a long and rich history that covers centuries of time and cultures. The Japanese have such a distinct style for so many reasons, from their dress and grooming to their food to their architecture and of course to their music. Japan is huge prouder of music, they are actually the second largest in the world. While their musical sound is very unique they have stolen some of those instruments and sounds from neighbouring countries such as chine and other Asian countries like Indonesia. Over the years they have also seen an increase of influence from Western cultures like that of Great Britain and the United States. They’ve incorporate the sounds of rock and pop into their style of music and made a unique sound that is all their own. But the Japanese music you may think of today is not what was always the music of Japan, there more traditional music is much different in style and sound from that of what you are more likely to hear on the radio today. Here is a quick history of music in Japan.

Traditional Japanese music is folk music. These come from long rich history in the Buddhist community. They pulled the sounds from Buddhist chanting and made it into their own music. They also would use the sounds of the orchestra court music. These come from the Nara and Helen Periods in Japanese history. These songs were used as work songs often to help encourage the workers to stay determined in their work day.

Of course, there is as well the more well-known orchestral music that has come from Japan as well. A lot of Japanese music uses similar instruments, one that is often used is the drum called the taiko, it comes in many different sizes and can be used in so many different forms of music from the folk music to the more classical music its distinct sounds cannot be mistaken. It is said to possible come from nearby China and not actually be of Japanese descent, but it is such an important part of Japanese music that this has almost been overlooked.

Many in Japan have studied classical music as well, this is a very popular kind of music in Japan. The importance of music and culture cannot be emphasized enough when it comes to Japanese lifestyle. They take it very seriously and they enjoy learning new instruments and styles of music. You will no doubt enjoy learning more about the history of Japanese music as well and enjoying the unique sounds that have come from this wondrous and interesting country, although small Japan has had such an influence all around the world and their music is just one way they have done that. The next time you are able to take a moment to research and fine some traditional and historical Japanese music to listen you will so enjoy it and will have found and another great genre to add to your list of favourites.

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